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The more frustration and anger we eat into ourselves, the more we lose in quality of life and vitality. The method of choice is:
Thought puking - the finest puke out for your mind!
It needs in today's time an unconventional method, even a crude method, to restore the soul and mind to get the necessary clarity and purity. Only when we can puke out properly, without any assessment from others, we can provide a clear mind and a harmonious emotional world. When we have puked out all negative thoughts, we are ready to become a true creator of our future. From here it is only a small step to the successful person.
In a practical and effective guide, I show you the way from an ordinary person to a self-determined person of success, so-called "achiever".
With this method you will recover and release the previously blocked and bound life forces in your soul and body. Discomfort, frustration and inner resistance to the job, the family or society are reduced and provide for a new kind of life - carefree and freedom awaits you! As a further positive effect, the method of letting go negative thought contributes to a constructive feedback culture, an improved coexistence within society and to personal and universal freedom.
Try it yourself and mentally puke yourself out to start a new life, a successful and self-determined life of a truly great person! Your true way to an achiever starts right now!


Author Frank Mildenberger

Biography Frank Mildenberger

For many years, Dr. Frank Mildenberger has dealt with both the mystical secrets of hermeticism and the topics of business and life coaching. Dr. Frank Mildenberger has already sold more than thousands of books in the field of life coaching and business consulting. His EEBM® method, which is well-known in Germany, combines aspects of the life force theory of Taoism, Hermetics, emotion psychology and management and provides holistic answers to entrepreneurial and private questions. With the Academy of Spirituality, Dr. Frank Mildenberger makes his personal contribution to the true inauguration of humanity, to convey to each person universal powers that contribute to the personal and universal freedom of every human being.

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Puke of thoughts

Shape your future and become an achiever

Frank Mildenberger


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