I Was Blind But Now I Can See

by Wright, Vendon
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Wright, Vendon I Was Blind But Now I Can See
Wright, Vendon - I Was Blind But Now I Can See

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When I was six years old I started wearing glasses to correct my short sight. My perception of my low vision changed when I was twenty years old and found out that my brother had suddenly gone blind. He was told that he was suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), a disorder that slowly destroys the pigment cells in the eyes. There are three different strains of RP and the one my brother has runs in the male line of a family. So far, there are no known cures. My brother's eyes deteriorated quickly which confused us all. I soon became curious and convinced myself to attend an eye appointment to determine whether there was more wrong with my eyes than just being short-sighted. At the age of twenty-one I was also diagnosed with RP. Since then I have been slowly going blind, not knowing when my world would finally fade away forever. Finally at the age of twenty-eight I was also registered blind. Then to everyone's surprise, my sister was registered blind two years later. Despite the problems it has caused me, I have managed to keep a positive attitude towards life. I hold a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo and I was the first registered blind person in England to achieve this level of excellence. After studying Taekwondo for over twenty years, I now teach many classes of my own. At present I have twenty Black Belts. The inspiration to write a book came from persistently helping my friends with their problems. Now I would like to help other people by passing on my strengths. The story of my life could be used as a motivational tool for other people as it shows how to cope with a wide range of emotions. There are many visually impaired people who could benefit. The positive thinking market could also find my book useful as it shows a positive way of coping with the challenges of life.


Wright, Vendon

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